London Calling: Wizard Boy 6 Premier

Bonnie, Ginny's actress cousin, has some big plans for us

  • About a year in advance, Bonnie and her parents arrange for Ginny, Rachel, and I to attend the London premier (also the World Premier) of Wizard Boy 6
  • We will spend a whole week and we will get unparalleled access to Wizard Boy 6 things
  • Rachel and I will earn Bonnie's respect
  • The fan-sites will drool over the relationship between Ginny and I and how I'm dating the cousin of the famous Actress
  • The fun part is forcing everyone, who takes pictures of us, to use the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
  • The three of us do an exclusive interview with the fan-site Weeplypedia (a site that is everything Weeply) and Ginny talks about what life is like being assumed to be the actor
  • By now, Ginny and I are engaged (quite happily I might add)
  • Bonnie shows me that I've earned her respect through a 10-82 witnessed only by Ginny and Rachel. Rachel takes the official picture (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
    • My sister and I are allowed her direct cell number and, when she's not busy, we don't need to go through her agent to talk to her (Ginny gets international long distance obviously)
    • See the draft: London Arrival
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