On to Canada

Finally, it was Thursday. Rachel and I went to class as usual. We were excited as we were going to get right onto the 36 after class. That 36 would take us to Corporation Lane where we'd get the 62P to the Airport. Rach and I were quite excited and couldn't wait to clear the secured area in SeaTac. Jessica was going to wait for us since she was able to get Friday off.

We landed at the airport and immediately called Jessica. "We're here. We've landed," I proudly boasted.

Jessica's reply was, "As soon as you get to the public area, I brought you two something small to hold while we ride the bus to my house. You two should see my in my wheelchair. I explain when I see you two." Rachel and I started making our way through the airport. We were ecstatic. We really wanted to see Jessica again.

Finally, Rachel spotted her. "Jessica? Jessica!" My little sister started running for her. I followed and we were reunited with Jess. Rach and I hugged her tightly and she gave us two small burgers.

"I'm going to cook you two a nice dinner when we get to Bellevue," Jessica explained. "Do you have any bags? Our bus leaves at 8:26. I have bus fare for you two."

I asked, "Jess, how about bus fare for you?"

She replied, showing off her WorldSoft ID, "This ID is fare. They worked out an agreement with PugTran to pay for our rides. For you two, since it's two zones, it's $2.50 each. Here, take these cards. They are your bus pass and can be reloaded at any time if you want to visit me again. They are registered with your names and are yours. Take good care of them. I have them loaded with day passes for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Do you two have any other bags?"

I answered, "Nope. What you see is what we have." By now, it was 8 PM.

Jessica said, "The bus we need is the 560 and it leaves at 8:26. We'll be at my place by 9:45 at the latest. I'll cook up something, but I'm not sure what. Tomorrow is my shopping day."

She continued, "I am so glad you two could see me. I live alone and I'm realizing that I'm quite lonely. I'm thinking of coming home, but I know I'll miss WorldSoft."

We continued through the airport and got to the bus area by 8:20. The 560 was already there waiting. We boarded the bus and Jessica showed us how to use the RideSMART cards by simply tagging the box. "See how easy paying up here is," Jess asked. We sat down together and soon we were off to Bellevue. Jessica continued, "We'll be in Bellevue in about 45 minutes. It's not that long at all."

Jess was sitting between Rachel and I and we were hugging her quite happily. It wasn't long before the driver called out, "Bellevue Transit Center."

We got off the bus at Bay 6 and Jess explained, "We'll need the 230 heading towards Redmond. It will show up at Bay 2 in about 10 minutes." Seeing the transit center, I was amazed. The facility looked beautiful compared to Twit. We waited down by Bay 2 for our bus to arrive.

The bus arrived and the driver greeted us (we were the only ones needed the 230): "Jessica, you're up a little late today! I was wondering why you stayed on the bus beyond your stop."

"I was picking up my brother and sister from the airport. They came all the way from Virginia. I haven't seen them in many, many years. Here's their cards," Jess explained as she tagged our RideSMART cards. It was just the four of us on the bus. Jessica explained to us, "He is the driver who takes me home from work. I'm a regular rider." The 230 didn't stay long. Jessica was strapped in quickly but thoroughly and as soon as we took a seat, we were off towards Redmond.

"Now I'll get off at my usual stop," Jessica told our driver.

"Alright," He replied. Soon, we were dropped off at Jessica's place.

"I hope you two like my humble little place," Jessica whispered. It wasn't very small. In fact, it was wonderful and huge for one person living there.

We entered Jessica's house and I gasped, "Jess, this is just amazing!" Rachel liked the place as well.

Jessica asked, "What do you two want to eat?"

Rachel answered, "I'm not that hungry. I'll hold until tomorrow. Besides, it's getting late."

I agreed with my little sister and asked, "Jess, where do we sleep?"

She replied, "I've got a big bed. I don't bite. C'mon in to my room." We followed her into her bedroom. The bed was plain huge. Jessica started changing, right in front of us, and without thinking about it, Rachel and I decided to follow suit. Jessica was naked, so Rachel and I decided to do the same. Rachel and I were blushing big time. The three of us cuddled up together as Jess explained, "I want to be up early tomorrow. We're spending all day out and about visiting the different places." With that, we started heading off to sleep.

The next morning, Jessica got us up bright and early. "I want you two to have a nice breakfast before we head out. We need to be on the bus in an hour."

I had trouble getting up, so Rachel assisted Jessica and helped me up. Jess quickly got dressed and said, "I'm going into the kitchen to make breakfast. You two get dressed and head on down. Breakfast will only take a few minutes to make."

Rachel and I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Jessica had pancakes for us. There was also eggs and toast with grape jelly. "Why tank-you Jess. This breakfast is great," Rachel commented.

"I have your work and study permits since there's a Canadian Consulate right here in Seattle," Jess said.

I also spoke up, "Thank-you Jess. You're a great cook. I'm very proud of you in that you don't use the chair as a limitation."

Jess replied, hugging both of us, "Why thank you." The three of us were chatting having to do some catch up. We got on the bus and headed into Seattle using the 230 to the 550.

Finally (it seemed like a long ride), we were dropped off in the bus tunnel. Jessica started unhooking herself and asked Rachel and I to help her. "What do we need to do Jess," I asked.

Jess explained, "See how the belts are latched together like a car? Simply unhook them," my sister explained. Rachel and I realized exactly what was happening. My sister was unhooked and we got off the bus. Jessica led the way to the nearest elevator and we headed up to the third floor.

We headed to the monorail station and Jessica pulled out $6. "They don't honor RideSMART as much as there's complaints about that," Jess explained. She handed the cash to the attendant at the station. "We're going round trip," Jess said.

When the train approached, Jess asked, "Mike and Rachel, I will need help getting on and off the train because of the gap." Finally, the train arrived. Both of us assisted Jess over the gap and positioned her next to a seat. We sat down next to her and she started hugging me.

"What's up Jess," I asked as I watched her start to tear up.

"I just missed you two so much and I don't want you to leave me," She responded.

I responded, "Jess, you are always welcomed in Virginia Beach. There is ample bus service which runs until about 10 at night. The only thing that sucks is that our apartment isn't accessible."

Hugging me tighter, Jess replied, "I love both of you so much."

I replied, "I love you too Jess."

Rachel also said, "Jess, I love you too." I was just so happy to be with both girls and wouldn't trade this ride on the monorail for anything.

We got to the City Park station and just like boarding the train, Rachel and I helped Jessica over the gap. After deboarding the train, I grabbed Jessica's wheelchair handles and started pushing her. She explained, "When we get down this ramp, make a left. The museum will be on the left. I'm paying for our tickets and a big lunch for us. We'll have lunch first. It's a full scale restaurant so I hope you have empty stomachs."

I still had some breakfast with me when I spotted the Burger Arch across the street. I asked, "Jess, I'm not as hungry. How about the museum restaurant for dinner and Burger Arch right now?"

Rachel said, "I think that's a great idea."

Jess replied, "Alright. That might not be a bad idea. Just take it easy for lunch." I pushed my sister to the Burger Arch as Rachel walked alongside.

We entered and ordered a quick small lunch. As Jessica requested, we stayed light. After eating, Rachel took over pushing Jessica and we headed back to the museum. We entered and Jessica pulled out the bank card. "Three adults," Jess said.

We entered the Science Fiction portion of the museum and really had a blast. The three of us were quite happy spending the day north of Downtown Seattle. We made sure to get plenty of pictures of the three of us in Downtown. After spending time in the museums, we decided to head outside and enjoy the rest of the park. I explained to Jess, "I'm enjoying this weekend with both of you. I wish Rachel and I didn't have to go home so soon." As Jessica sat there in her wheelchair, she really started tearing up.

"Jess, what's up," I asked.

"I'm just so happy to have you two out here with me," Jessica sobbed. As she said that, she started hugging me. I realized right there just how much Jessica loves both of us and I didn't want to leave King County.

Jess started hugging Rachel also and she said, "I wish I didn't have to go back east."

I added, "I'll be honest. I fell in love with this bus system. It's seems so easy to get around."

Jess replied, "Yeah. I wouldn't trade PugTran for anything. It's a wonderful system. Now, are you two ready for dinner?"

"I'm getting hungry," Rachel answered.

I wasn't going to argue with either and responded, "Let's have dinner." It was my turn to push Jessica and she guided us to the museum restaurant.

"Remember, this is a full service place. This is why I had you two eat a light lunch," Jess explained.

"Table for three," The hostess asked.

"That's right. We don't care where we sit as long as we can see a TV," Jess replied.

We were seated and given menus. I asked, "May I have some water without ice?"

We started looking over the menu. I decided for a cheeseburger with cheese fries. I don't know why, but I was craving chocolate milk. That was my choice for dinner. Rachel decided for the same cheeseburger and cheese fries. To drink, she was going to have soda. Jessica had the same as Rachel.

"Be sure to save room for dessert," Jessica said, "That's all for dinner." The three of us happily waited for our food.

"So how are you Jess," I started.

"I'm doing great. WorldSoft treats me real well. It was with the help of my coworkers that I was able to get the house made fully accessible. I was quite happy here then you two contacted me. I realized just how much I miss everyone back east and it's making me think about wanting to come home," Jess responded. She started sobbing because she was so happy.

Rachel responded, "We're quite happy in Virginia. We live together in a town house right across the street from school. It's also right across the street from where the buses line up. We both work at The Mall. That's the actual name of the place. Mom bought the town house, and I'm sure she'll welcome you home." Our food showed up along with our our drinks. We happily ate as we continued chatting.

After dinner, Jessica asked the waitress, "May we have a dessert menu?" There was a huge cake that we decided to share. Both girls like the cake when I pointed it out and that's what we decided to order.

The cake arrived and Jess exclaimed, "I don't think that even the three of us can devour this monster!"

I replied, "We'll try Jess. I'm still the big stomach you remember." We started eating the cake. Rachel and I were just so happy to be spending the weekend with Jessica.

Finally, it was time to head home. Jessica led us back to the monorail and we rode into Downtown Seattle. We headed down to the bus tunnel and grabbed the 545 as Jess explained, "Now, I'm going to show you the infamous 520 Bridge and WorldSoft. When we are dropped off at the Overlake Transit Center, we'll transfer to the 230 to bring us home. This way, we don't have to cross NE 8th which is much safer for me."

The 545 pulled up to the Westlake Station platform and the driver asked, "Is Jessica riding my bus?"

I replied, "Yeah, my sister's riding. We'll go in the back while you get her situated."

"Alright. Jess, let me get the lift going," The driver replied.

My sister was loaded into the bus and Rachel and I sat down beside her. The driver neglected her seatbelt so Jess asked, "Will you two get my seatbelt going? It's just like I showed you before." I strapped my sister into the bus properly as we took off for Redmond.

"Montlake Freeway Station," The driver called out.

Jessica told us, "Up next, the 520 Bridge. You'll see why this bridge is much worse than the I-90 bridge which we took into Seattle this morning."

When we got onto the bridge, Jess said, "We're on the 520 Bridge now. See how narrow it is, only four lanes?"

Rachel answered, "Kinda like the HRBT back home."

Jess replied, "Worse traffic than the HRBT. By the way, this is a draw bridge."

I commented, "Thank goodness the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel isn't a draw bridge. It's backed up enough!"

We got across the bridge as the driver called out, "Evergreen Point, next stop." We continued riding until the driver called out, "Next stop, NE 40th Freeway Station."

"NE 40th is our stop," Jess said as she rang the bell. She hit the Aid Passenger button to remind the driver that he needed to operate the lift. We got off at the Freeway Station and Jess explained where we needed to go to catch the 230.

"We have about 15 minutes for our bus. By the time we got over there, there should be about five minutes," Jess explained.

We boarded the 230 and it wasn't long before we were at Jessica's house. By now, it was 9:30 and we were tired. We had a great day though. Like last night, Jess had us spend the night in bed with her. We didn't mind. Jess said, "Mike? Rachel? Could you help me out of my chair and into the bed. Go on ahead and help me get my clothes off as well," Jessica said.

I felt weirded out assisting Jessica with getting her clothes off (I didn't mind as much transferring her from her wheelchair to her bed). I did get my sister's clothes off and the three of us piled onto Jessica's bed.

The next morning, the three of us slept in. It actually felt quite good to rest considering how Rachel and I are so used to getting up early and not going to bed until late. Groggily, Jessica said, "Feel free to sleep in. That's what I do on Saturdays. Then I go shopping later. Tonight, I am treating you two to a nice dinner in Downtown Bellevue. For now, continue to sleep if you want."

Rachel and I followed Jessica's suggestion of sleeping in since we were quite tired. A few hours later, we started to wake. "I hop the bus to the supermarket after I eat," Jessica explained to us as she started getting up. Still completely nude, she transferred herself into her wheelchair and instructed, "Follow me. I could use the help in the tub." Rachel and I followed our sister into the bathroom and she showed us how she transferred into the tub complete with a seat.

It was a huge tub and she asked, "Michael, please remove the seat. I want to relax with both of you. There's plenty of room. This will be great to unwind."

We were still undressed from bed and I removed the transfer seat for Jess. Rachel and I assisted her into the tub, then climbed in with her. She started hugging me extra tightly and gladly let Rachel snuggle up with us. Jessica hit a switch as she said, "Now for the jets. These help me get going or unwind depending on the setting. I selected the get going setting."

Jessica wasn't kidding about how big the tub was nor was she kidding about how comfortable the jets were. Jess started getting a little too friendly with me and I exclaimed, "No funny business now, you're my sister!"

After the bath, we got dressed and Jessica took us to the supermarket. "It's going to help having extra sets of hands. Normally, I can't get much," Jess said.

I said, "We don't need much, right? The train leaves tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, why don't we wait until we get to Canada tomorrow. I'll pour cereal for breakfast now, then we'll eat out for lunch and dinner tonight. Tomorrow morning, we'll eat breakfast in Downtown Seattle then head to King Street Station," Jess answered.

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