Rachel's Rescue (Michael's Point of View)

I'll never forget when I got the phone call. It was Orchard High, where my sister goes to school. "Wait a minute? What is happing to my sis!?"

The next day, I was on a flight to PDX and I quickly transferred to the Red Line train. I was told to make my way to Clark County and I was given instructions using the light rail and buses. It wasn't too long before I was being dropped off in Downtown Vancouver at 7th Street. I was picked up by the Clark County Sheriff's office and the officer explained, "Are you Michael Ragsdale?"

I answered as I showed my ID, "Yes, that's right sir."

He replied, "I am taking you to your sister. She is waiting for you at Orchard High School. You showed up just in time for school dismissal. When we get to the school, I was instructed to pick her up and transport you two to your father's place. You two will, under my supervision, pick out whatever you want brought back to Virginia and it will be loaded onto a truck. You two will then be transported to the 7th Street Transit Center where you will catch the #6 to Portland. It will take you directly to the hotel you're staying at with your sister is located right at Portland's Transit Mall. The bus driver will direct you, just give them the address and, if they ask, it's at the Transit Mall." He then handed me a slip of paper which showed the address.

We pulled up to Orchard High and there she was, my little sister. Rachel was in tears as she got into the car. I immediately hugged her and she gladly embraced me. "You don't realize how happy I am to see you," my sister explained.

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