ODU Tour

I went to the open house today and a spark flared up…
Yeah, I'm just as giddy as Abbey was (pic 37 on the photo album…)

I was on a tour of the Virginia House (which is ODU's newest dorm) with a family (mother/father/daughter)…

The tour guide asked where we were from and we both answered Va Beach. Seeing that we were locals, she asked "Where exactly?"
I answered, "Near TCC" and they answered "Haygood".

When the tour was over, it was time for lunch. The tables were set up six people/three to a side. Mom and Dad were on one side and their daughter (no, none of us exchanged names or anything else) was on the other side. Dad was quick to say there's a seat here (next to the girl). After lunch, it was time to head home. Her mother quite gladly offered me a ride, "Haygood isn't too far from TCC."

I brought my bike and assumed it would be too big, "Thanks for the offer, but I think my bike will be too big"

Still inside the Webb Center, I inquired about touring east of SR 337 (Hampton Blvd) and they suggested a "Daily Tour".

I registered for this Tuesday. Guess what? Dad registered his daughter and indicated on the form that only one person would be there. Hmm…

So I explained, after registering for the tour, that I was simply waiting for my bus (the #2 Hampton Blvd). It was just past 2:30 and the next bus was scheduled to be coming through campus at 3:10. Her mother asked me about they system, specifically how to get from Haygood to ODU and how much was it.

Three guesses as to what will happen…I think I'm going to be leading someone home to Haygood (easy: catch the #2 to Downtown and transfer to the #1 and get off at Haygood Shopping Center - right in front of the Bank of America). I think something will be happening in the back of the bus or during the tour, which BTW, starts near the McDonald's…(NOT THAT YOU NASTY PERVERT)

Remember: I've never seen her before and she's never seen me. No, no one traded names (but Mom offered their number "in case you want a ride on Tuesday" - which no I didn't get because my bus pulled up…)

Yes, I'm nervous right now. No I didn't get the number, nor did anyone trade names.


Her name is Amber and we had lunch at Chick-fil-A quite happily on Monday the 6th. She got my name and number from the Tuesday Daily Tour sign-up sheet and called me in the morning. I will be on the 5:45 AM bus Tuesday morning to pick her up at Haygood (by the shopping center). I'm due at Haygood at 6:30 and the bus we need to ODU leaves Haygood at 7:00 AM.

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