London Arrival

Ginny, Jessica, Rachel, and I arrived at LHR. This was an exciting time with the World Premier of Wizard Boy 6. It was an especially wonderful time for Ginny, because she was seeing her cousin Bonnie for the first time in several years.

After finally clearing the secured area, a girl called out, "Ginny! Over here!"

The cousins hugged each other and were quite happy to be reunited. Bonnie then pulled me to the side and said, "You are treating my cousin with respect, right?"

I answered, "Yeah. I learned from my own sister." Turning my attention to Rachel, I said, "Rachel, if you want to tell your story, you may."

Rachel said, "I'm not quite ready."

Bonnie said, "That's fine." She continued, "Here. Take these Ride Cards. They are loaded with a unlimited use pass to use the transport system here in London for all 6 zones."

Bonnie and Ginny were very happy to see each other again, so my plans were to let them reconnect. I was surprised when Bonnie wanted to chat with me and get to know me.

She told me, "As long as you respect my cousin, you have my respect."

It wasn't too long before we collected our things and boarded a London Express train.

The conductor asked if we were all together (remember: Jessica was with us). Bonnie answered, "Yes. The five of us are together. We will need a spot for one wheelchair." Bonnie took our Ride Cards and paid for our train rides.

We boarded the train and sat together. “This train is the quickest way since it's express to Paddington Station. I actually live on the Jubilee Line Extension within walking distance from Westminster Tube Station,” Bonnie explained. Seeing my “how-are-we-going-to-pay-for-this” look, Bonnie continued, “The Ride Cards are already paid for for any transport service except Taxi. Then again, I always use London Transport Authority services to get around. Even though my parents can afford a limo, I prefer LTA services.”

Ginny added, “Makes sense. Then again, it was Michael and Rachel who taught me to take buses or trains where we live.”

Finally, after a long train ride, we arrived at Bonnie's place. “Mom! Dad! I'm home! Everyone's with me!” Her parents raced to the door. They were delighted to see all of us.

Her mother introduced everyone. “I'm Shelia and this is my husband Charles. My twin sister, Alba, is Ginny's mother. Please, come in.” Turning her attention to Jessica, she said, “You must be Jessica. You work at WorldSoft, am I right?”

Jess answered, “Yep.”

Ms. Right continued, “Please, make yourself at home for the next two weeks. You'll find that we've prepared the house for your arrival. We've also let the production behind the premier know that everything needs to be prepared for you.”

Mr. Right added, “As a special treat, the four of you are getting unprecedented access. You will need to stay with Bonnie until you're registered and get your badges.

Bonnie corrected her, “They need to stay with me at all times. Everything was carefully done by Banner Brothers Films and Jane King. They request that my guests stay with me at all times.”

It was getting late and Bonnie's mother told us the sleeping arrangements: “Bonnie, you'll be sharing your basement room with Mike and Ginny. Jessica, you and Rachel will have the ground floor room.” It was getting late since by now it was 2107 and we all had a big day tomorrow.

The next day, Bonnie woke Ginny and I up. We quickly got dressed (I slipped into the basement bathroom to do so) and headed upstairs. I woke my sisters up as Bonnie started preparing breakfast. “We need only a light breakfast since Banner is feeding all of us, including you guys,” Bonnie explained. “Since you're going to be with me, you're getting the great feast whereas fans aren't getting anything. Banner asks that this not to get out, alright?”

After eating a light breakfast, we headed out. “We're going to catch the bus. It's more direct than the tube since the 312 goes directly to where we need to be.”

Finally, the 312 dropped us off at the event. Bonnie took us to and got us in before the crowds formed. We met up with the rest of the cast for the scripted limo entrance. This was amazing getting to meet everyone and they were willing to get to know us.

Tom, who played Barry in the film, wanted to know, “So how does it feel being with Bonnie's cousin?”

I blushed. I loved Ginny and she loved me in return. I didn't get to answer because breakfast was served. It was a huge hearty meal and all of us quite happily ate.

Bonnie introduced us to everyone. We all spent quite a bit of time until it was time to get into the Limos for the scripted entrance for Wizard Boy 6.

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