The Overcrowded Inbound 20

Rachel and I were riding the bus from work one day to see the Mayor of Virginia Beach so that we could give her a piece of our minds about the state of transportation in the city. The 29 got us to Hilltop where we needed to transfer to the 20. As Claude got us closer to the stop, we saw the 20 take off. "Claude, that's what the Billy's is for. Rach, what would you like for a late lunch?"

"A Double," Rachel replied. We said our goodbyes to Claude and got off of his Trolley. My sister continued, "Yeah, I want my usual Double. I hope they still got the FreezDrinks."

We ate at the Billy's and headed out for a bus. The 20 took forever to show up. A very familiar face was on the 20 when it did finally show. I noticed there was the wrong sign, so I called out, "Ed, check your sign!"

My sister and I boarded his #20, and seeing how late it was, I asked Rachel, "Do you want to simply head home?"
Rachel said as we boarded the bus, "Michael, let's head home. You look tired. I'm exhausted.” I wasn't going to argue with her. I swiped our passes and the fare box beeped a thank-you. We rode the 20 and chatted with Ed catching up on old times.

"Still a floater," I asked Ed.

"Yep. I drive just about anything these days," Ed replied.

I asked, "Did a 20 break down? Rach and I were at Hilltop for an hour."

Ed replied, "Yeah. It was sitting in front of the Oceanfront Library. The mechanic was working on the bus."

I replied, "We're going to have a full load today.” My sister agreed with the full load.

I was right about the load. The bus started to fill, so I said to Rachel, "Go on ahead and sit on my lap." My sister didn't mind one bit and I laced my hands around her lap. Ed continued driving and the bus continued to fill.

"I almost forgot: Rachel and I now work," I proudly declared.

Ed asked, "Where at?"

Rachel answered, "The Mall. Routes 26 and 29 go there. Our boss is quite nice. We get lunch breaks scheduled at the same time."

I added, "We're also still in our own town house, right across from CCHR's Beach campus. We're right on the other side of Buckner from the Twit shelter."

Ed replied, "Nice. Right where the buses line up?"

Rachel answered, "Yep. El perfect for us!"

I added, "And no Delores to harass us either!"

As we got to North Plaza Trail, we noticed a familiar face wanting the inbound 20. I should have kept my mouth shut about Delores. I said to Ed, "If she causes trouble, call Dispatch with a 10-1."

Rachel added, "I really don't want her on the same bus as me, but I know you have a job to do tell her how full you are, but be polite."

Ed came up to the stop and I clutched my sister very, very tightly. Rachel realized exactly what I was doing and pressed herself tightly against me. Sure enough, Delores boarded. Rach and I knew that we were in trouble, even though Ed tried to convince her that the bus was too full.

Delores boarded the bus anyways. Her hands were loaded with some movies from the Video+ rental store and hoped that she would be preoccupied to worry about us, but she spotted Rachel and I. We knew that we were dead. Delores proceeded to make inappropriate comments towards us, but primarily directed at my sister.

She started ugly: "Get the hell off my bus, you incestuous bitch! You do your brother, don't you?” The lady sitting next to us gave a disgusted look at Delores. Several other passengers had assumed something was wrong with Delores.
Rachel kept her mouth shut (she would later tell me that she didn't want to cause trouble) and I continued to hold her.

Ed immediately pulled the bus over. "Delores, either cut it out or I will have you removed from my bus. This is your only warning!"
Delores kept quiet until we got to the library which was roughly a 10-15 minute bus ride.

I held Rachel's arms tightly fearing she might do something she'll regret later. That's when Delores slapped my sister! It was really hard on Rachel's right cheek. It left a big red mark right where dad slapped her before. Taking a second look revealed that it was the exact same spot dad slapped. I was enraged! Nobody, and I mean nobody, does that to my little sister and expects to get away with it. There was uproar on the bus from passengers who witnessed the assault. I yelled out, "10-1, 10-13! 10-1, 10-13!” It took half a moment before Rachel started crying as a big red mark appeared on her cheek.

Ed immediately pulled the bus over for the second time and got onto the radio: "10-1! 10-1! This is 131 with a 10-13 at the Central Library inbound."

Dispatch came over the radio: "This is Dispatch. 10-4 131. Are weapons involved?"

Ed replied, "This is 131. Negative. One passenger made inappropriate comments to another then slapped her. I'm going to need police assistance."

Dispatch answered, "10-4. We're contacting the police."

Ed answered, "This is 131. 10-4. I am standing by at the bus stop for the Central Library."

Dispatch answered, "10-4.” There was a seemingly long wait while we waited for Dispatcher to come back.

Finally, we heard back. "Dispatcher to run 131. Stay where you are. Police are on their way."

Ed answered, "10-4."

Finally, the police arrived. They saw the red marks on my sister. At the officer’s request, we got us off of the bus so that we could explain what happened. Rachel refused to let go, and I didn't blame her. Ed explained things as well as he could.

Ed explained to the officer, "I picked Michael and Rachel up on First Colonial Road in front of the Billy's. They presented valid passes then had a seat. As my bus filled up, Michael had Rachel sit in his lap. I approached the Blvd and Plaza Trail where Delores was waiting at a bus stop. Mike & Rachel were minding their own business and advised me that I shouldn't pick Delores up. I advised Delores that I was very full and suggested she wait for another bus. As per TWT policy, I did not refuse to board her since she did nothing wrong. As soon as Delores boarded, she lashed out at them. I pulled the bus over and told her to either stop or I would have her removed. When I got here to the library, she slapped Rachel real hard. I pulled the bus over again and called my dispatcher."

Rachel and I had basically the same story as Ed. As we figured, there was a couple of passengers who did not like having to wait. "I have to be to work, let's go," a passenger yelled out.

Needless to say, we watched as she was led cuffed into the back of the cruiser. By now, we were so late that we weren't sure we would make connecting buses. The supervisor offered to take Rachel and I home, to the front door of our apartment. We thanked him and soon enough, we were home.

We entered the house and with Rachel still sobbing, I made us something to eat. "Something quick, what do you say," I asked my sister.

Rachel responded, "Thanks. I'm not too hungry. How about PB & J sandwiches?"

"Sure, I can do that," I answered. We were both quite upset. I made our sandwiches and poured two glasses of coke. I asked, "Chips?"

Rachel replied, "Blue bag please. Go easy please."

I sat down with my sister and we ate a light dinner. I tried my best to comfort her. We both needed the comfort. After eating, Rachel cleaned up. We then headed for the bedroom. She was trying to calm down, but it was difficult.

My sister and I climbed into our bed and just rested there. I held her comfortingly. "At least she doesn't know where our apartment is," Rachel commented.

"It is a relief to know, you're right," I replied. Rach and I continued to cuddle together. For me especially, it was going to be a long night.

I couldn't fall asleep at all. I was tossing and turning all night. My sister tried her hardest to help out, but it was no use.

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