Meet Ginny

I went into my US History class and noticed the class seating arrangement. It was two students to a table, so I picked a table near an outlet and proceeded to set up my laptop. The class started filling, so I made room in case another student needed it.

By now, everything was taken up except my seat. There was this girl who came in at 10:59 - the class started at 11 - and sat next to me since everything else was full. "Is this seat taken," She asked.

I replied, "You may sit here." She thanked me.

Our instructor started, "Good morning everyone. I am Professor Wood." With that, class began and we did pretty much the usual for the first day of class. By the time class was over, it appeared that Ginny seemed to take an interest in me. I was giddy and couldn't wait for lunch with Rachel to tell her the news.

Snack Bar Study Session

Ginny noticed how well I knew the history and asked, "Do you mind tutoring me?"

I answered, "That'll be no problem. Where and when do you want to meet?"

She answered, "How about the snack bar in about 15 minutes?"

I replied, "That should be no problem." I looked at the time and continued, "I need to be heading there now since I'm having lunch with my sister. I will see you in the snack bar."

With that, I headed off and got to the snack bar just as Rachel entered. By now, I was quite giddy and boasted to Rachel, "I think I found someone. Her name is Geneva, or Ginny for short, and she will be meeting us in a few moments for US History tutoring, which I gladly offered. Do you think you can wait 10 minutes for lunch? I got enough for all three of us."

Rachel blushed and replied, "Ten minutes is fine. You need to look your best. Calm down." As Rachel was telling me to look my best, she rubbed a wet wipe over my forehead. Yeah, I was blushing.

"That's her," I said to Rachel. I then called out, "Ginny! Over here!"

Ginny came over and I said, "I want you to meet my sister, Rachel. We were just getting ready to have lunch. My treat for the three of us." By now, I was really blushing. I couldn't believe what I just offered. I knew I was going to have lunch with my sister, but little did I expect who else I'd have lunch with.

The three of us went into the line and Ginny explained, "This is my first time in this cafeteria. What's good here?"

Rachel answered, "I usually get the hot dog and fries and so does Michael."

After having lunch, Ginny opened her book as I pulled out the laptop. "I'm having difficulty understanding what's going on in New England," Ginny started.

I answered, "Well, you asked for tutoring from the right person. Rachel and I are originally from Rhode Island, so Paul Revere, Boston, and Breed's Hill, are in our back yard. When you read in the book about Bunker Hill, it's really Breed's Hill."

Ginny replied, "Thank-you. Now I'm kind of glad I was late and sat next to you."

I answered, "You're quite welcome." With that, Rachel and I started tutoring Ginny. "What exactly are you having trouble with," I asked.

She answered, "The events in Concord and Lexington. I'm mainly looking for a time line of events."

While I had the book going, Rachel grabbed the laptop and pulled up Wikipedia and started a search for Lexington, Mass. "I think I found a time line of events," Rachel called out.

TWT on Home

Ginny thanked Rachel and I for helping her. She then asked, "Do you think you could give me a ride home? I live off of Shore Drive."

I asked, "Where exactly? I am very familiar with that area because my cousins live over there."

She answered, "Shore Drive and Independence. Right around the corner from the Food Lion."

I looked at the time. It was 3:25 PM. I then checked my wallet and I had $1.50. "Sure, Ginny. I have bus fare for you. I can get you right there. You'll be dropped off right after turning onto Shore Drive from Independence. It's about an hour from here." I was giddy because I knew exactly where I was going: Pleasure House.

She asked, "You don't have a car?"

I answered, "Nope. Rachel and I are regulars on the bus and we can get you almost anywhere in the area."

Along Comes a Woman

All of the sudden, Ginny hugged me. I turned bright red and Rachel started giggling. I was speechless and, as Rachel would explain later, I wouldn't stop glowing. I was giggly all the way to the bus and I couldn't help it when it was one of my regulars driving the 36. "Hello Wanda," I smiled as I paid Ginny's fare.

Wanda was puzzled. "Who's this with you? I know Rachel, but who's she?"

I giggled some more and could barely speak: "Transfer please." I then swiped my 30-Day pass and Rachel's 30-Day pass. The three of us sat down up front on bus 1245 and I had my sister on one side (closest to Wanda against the front door) and Ginny on the other side. I was hugging both girls.

Wanda then said, "Oh I see."

I said, "She's getting off right after you turn onto Shore Drive."

"So, where exactly do you two live," Ginny started. I blushed big time. I wasn't quite ready to tell her about our apartment across the street from CC HR.

I told her, "My sister and I live together in an apartment across the street from CCHR. I'm not ready to tell you exactly where we live, nor am I ready to know exactly where you live."

Ginny answered, "I understand." With this, she said, "How about we trade phone numbers and WebSpace contact information? I'm not doing anything until work tomorrow evening if you want to meet up with me in the morning or early afternoon."

We traded the contact information and, at her request, I plugged her IM information into Miranda. Once she was off of the bus, I told Wanda, "Rachel and I will need either the Inbound 29 or the Outbound 1 at Pleasure House. We're heading home."

Ginny Ductwood - Day 2

Rachel and I were off to CCHR for our Thursday classes. As planned, we met by the bus stop so that we could catch the #33 to WaterWerks. "Michael!" It was Ginny. She came running over to me all giddy and excited.

I was blushing because I was excited to see her. "Hey Ginny. How are you doing?"

Ginny hugged me as she said, “So far so good. Heading to the beach?”

I answered, “No. My sister and I are going to WaterWerks.”

Rachel quickly added her two cents (when she saw how blushing I was), “Catch the 33 with us. Come to WaterWerks with us.”

Ginny answered, “I don't have a swim suit.”

Rachel answered, “Alright. We'll board the #12 to Spot which is behind CCHR. I'll get you a swim suit.” By now I was really blushing.

We boarded the 12. We sat down and Ginny started, “Do you know Bonnie Right?”

I answered, “Not really..wait a minute. She's the actor in Wizard Boy I think.”

Ginny answered, “Yep. She plays Ginny Weeply. She's also my cousin!” I was really blushing. Ginny Weeply was my favorite character and I'm finding myself bonding with her real-life cousin Geneva Ductwood.

Ginny continued, “I'm in America as a permanent resident because Dad worked on the destroyer Winston Churchill. They liked it here so much that they stayed. I've been living in Virginia Beach since I was 15 so I've been here for 6 years.”

I pulled the cord for Spot. “This is our stop. Spot and Groceries+ shopping center.” We got off of the bus and made our way into Spot. I was blushing the whole time and asked Rachel, “Will you take over the looking for a swim suit job?”

Rachel replied, “You're blushing again. Calm down.” Turning her attention to Ginny, she said, “I work at this Spot. The employee discount is 10% above cost. All I have to do is give my employee number and show an ID if asked. It works at any Spot.”

It didn't take too long for Ginny to find a wonderful swim suit. Rachel paid for it and about 10 minutes later, we were on the bus for WaterWerks. By now, Ginny was getting hungry. I told her, “There's an Arch's Burgers right at the bus stop for WaterWerks.”

Not too long after we got onto the bus, Ginny got a phone call. “Hey Bonnie! Glad you called because I think I found someone here in America. We met at school in a History class. His name is Michael and he seems nice and he has a wonderful sister. They are quite close actually. Where are you actually? Time for the new film already? I will say this: NO MORE LOCKHART CRUSHES or I will Obviate that part of your mind.” Ginny chuckled as she talked to her cousin. This is what really got me blushing: Ginny said to her cousin, “Want to talk to him and his sister Rachel?”

I was really blushing. I was being given the chance to talk to the actor behind my most favorite character in all of Wizard Boy. I was anxious that I was given this chance to talk directly to Bonnie Right – as opposed to a fan site. I was still a bit nervous of that name from the event of eight years prior.

Ginny handed the phone to me explaining, “My cousin wants to meet you.” I blushed. Ginny said, “Don't worry. She won't bite.”

“He-he-hello,” I started nervously.

“Good evening from London. Good afternoon, after the time difference,” Bonnie started. “Don't be nervous. I don't mind that you like my cousin.” Except that I was nervous that I was talking directly to Bonnie Right, the actor behind my favorite Wizard Boy character.

Bonnie continued, “You are treating Geneva well I hope. If you are, then you will earn my respect.”

I was just completely nervous and didn't know what to say. Rachel would later tell me that I was blushing like there was no tomorrow. All I could manage to say, as Rachel rang the bell, “Bonnie, I need to go. I have to get off the bus.”

We exited the 33 at the Arch's bus stop. Ginny took the phone back and continued chatting with her cousin. Ginny started getting giddy as we entered the Arch's. They were doing a Wizard Boy tie in for their kiddy meals.

We ordered a quick lunch and I was a red light bulb the whole time. "You're a nervous wreck," my sister started.

"I know I am Rach. I'll explain later." As I spoke, it seemed that Radio Arch knew I needed a love song. So what do they play? For The Very First Time. Just perfect. I felt like I was in over my head.

"Don't worry. I understand you're nervous," Ginny started, "I'm nervous too. I've never been with an American. I've kept to myself these past six years or so." She then hugged me as we waited for the light to change.

Rachel whispered something into Ginny's ear and she really perked up. "Oh really? No wonder he couldn't speak when I let him talk to Bonnie." I really blushed as we started crossing Birdneck Road, because Rachel could have said one of two things (or both): my fear of that name or (and this one is more likely) that Ginny Weeply is my favorite Wizard Boy character.

Rachel pulled me to the side after we crossed and told me, "I told Ginny why you were so nervous. I know just as well as you do that you really like the Weeply's."

"Rachel," I moaned.

Ginny looked at me, "It's alright. Some fans won't rest until they know everything, right down to Barry's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather's name. You don't have to be so nervous. Bonnie likes you."

Finally, we got into the park. It wasn't too long before we changed and rented one double-person inner tube. The three of us headed for the main slide. Ginny was holding my quite sweaty hand and was telling me, "Relax."

Rachel went first saying, "I'll meet you two at the bottom. Enjoy yourselves." With that, the attendant dispatched my sister.

I explained to the attendant, "I've never used a two-person tube."

He said, "She's in front. Your legs will go under her arms." Ginny and I were properly secured and it wasn't too long before we were dispatched.

Finally, I was able to relax. I stopped being so nervous as Ginny and I both enjoyed the ride down. "The only thing I don't like is having to get through the pools," Ginny said.

I responded, "Yeah. That's the hard part. It's been so long since I've been here."

Finally, we splashed down at the final pool. "Rachel! I've calmed down," I excitedly told my sister. It felt good now that I knew what loosened me up.

Rachel had the idea, "We'll meet in the wave pool in 30 minutes."

Ginny objected, "No Rachel. Stay with us. I won't bite."

"It's not that. I want to give you the chance to get to know my brother," Rachel responded. With that, I latched onto my sister. I wasn't going to let her go (because she's not normally like this).

"Rachel, you don't need to leave," I said. I hugged my sister because I didn't want her to leave. I continued, "How about the three of us spend time together in the wave pool?"

Ginny liked the idea. Rachel agreed as well. We went into the pool and started chatting. "I'm having a great time so far," Ginny started. Turning her attention to me, she continued, "I understand that you're nervous."

I hugged Ginny as I said, "That slide really calmed me down. I'm feeling much better." The three of us rested together while the waves were on a break.

Rachel answered, "Good." Ginny nodded in agreement.

After spending time together in the wave pool, we hit up more slides. I want to take this moment to thank WaterWerks because it really helped to loosen me up so that I wasn't such a nervous wreck around Ginny.

It was now time to head home. Ginny, Rachel, and I boarded the 33 back to CCHR. While riding up Nimmo Parkway, Ginny got a call. Her smile turned to a frown quickly.

"There's a fight going on between Dad and my baby brother. I'm going to stay out and about," Ginny explained.

Rachel said, "It's too hot out. Please, come to our apartment. It's right across from CCHR. We're exactly across the street from where the bus drops off."

I started blushing all over again. Before I could say something, my sister said, "I invited her. I'm allowing her to spend time with us."

I stammered, "no-no-no p-probl-lem." This whole time, Ginny was hugging me tightly.

The Navigator called out, "Princess Anne Road and Princess Anne Road. Virginia Beach Municipal Center." I was blushing because I just met Ginny yesterday.

Soon, we were dropped off at CCHR. I decided once and for all to rid myself of the nervousness. I decided that Ginny really liked me and that I should open myself up to her. Especially after seeing Rachel, who opens up to no one, take to her.

As we started crossing Buckner Blvd, a loud boom was heard. "I think we're getting home just in time," Rachel said, "Sounds like a storm is brewing."

We hurried across the street and up a block to Canadian Arch. Only moments after the three of us entered, the rain came down in buckets. I looked at the time. We pulled into CCHR during the 5:45 PM bus line up. Rachel knew just as well as I did: dinner time.

Rachel spoke to Ginny: "Mike and I have dinner around this time. Let me show you what we have. You get to pick since you're our guest."

Rachel took Ginny into the kitchen and she selected Mac & Cheese an asked, “Do you think you could slice up hot dogs and place them in?”

Rachel replied, “No problem. I've never tried it, but it sounds yummy. Thanks Ginny.”

Ginny came back to the living room and sat down at my side. “I picked our dinner…” She was interrupted by the loud boom of thunder and the sudden onslaught of pounding rain. I turned on the local news and sure enough, Don cut into regular broadcasting to alert about a nasty storm in Norfolk making its way into Virginia Beach and that a confirmed tornado touchdown in the Hickory section of Chesapeake was in progress.

I cried in terror. “Becky!” I was remembering Rebbecca Andrews, a friend from long ago at Tallwood who, last I remembered, lived in Hickory. I heard Rachel sobbing as soon as I cried out for Rebbecca. Rachel knew exactly who I was referencing.

It wasn't too long before Rachel made dinner. We sat down together glued to the TV and Ginny asked, “Who's Becky?”

Rachel explained, “Way back in his Sophomore year in high school, he was tormented by someone and Rebbecca, or Becky for short, always stood up for him. Last we knew, she lived in the Hickory section of Chesapeake.”

Ginny replied, “I understand.” Ginny hugged me as the three of us had our dinner. While we were eating, the power went. “Just great,” Ginny moaned. I hugged both girls as we continued to sit on the couch together.

Rachel curled herself up into my arms quite happily and Ginny also gladly curled up into my arms. I decided to myself that, if Ginny was spending the night with us, she was going to be in the bed with Rachel and I. No one was going to be in the spare room.

Rachel was always frightened of thunder storms and we always snuggled up together whenever there was a thunderstorm. That's when my sister had an idea: “Let me got into the closet. Get us a board game or something. I'll be right back.” Rachel hurried as the flashes of lightning and the booms of thunder startled her.

Rachel quickly returned with a real estate game, my favorite. I sat in the middle and Ginny was the banker. We played together quite happily. Rachel eventually won the game. Ginny asked, “Now what to do?”

Rachel and I were just as bored. Ginny looked at her watch. It was 9 PM or so. Rachel was the only one who was tired, but she just lied there in my lap. Our only board game and now there was nothing to do. That's when Ginny said, "I'll be right back. I'm going to get changed."

"Alright," Rachel responded.


Talk about Déjà Vu. I started work on what was then called Codename Ginny on Friday, August 3rd. My first day back to Tidewater Community College (or, as I call it in the book: Community College of Hampton Roads), I find me someone who I consider a great friend. Was I predicting the future perhaps? I don't know, but I can't deny I'm in a very good mood.

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