Dream Girl by Scott Dowdee

Concerning Dream Girl

Dream Girl by Scott Dowdee is one of the inspirations for my book and it also perfectly describes my life

Dream Girl

I can't get enough of you
You're always on my mind
Everyday I am alone
Though I see you all the time

You're in my dreams
Depressing as that sounds
It gets me through the day
You are all that I can think about

Staring at the back of my eyes
Praying hard the sun won't come too soon
I'm just lying here, sleeping here
Dreaming of you.

Although I cannot see you
And you're so far away
With all my heart I love you

I'll just wait for a fateful day
Until then I'll just dream
You're beauty holds my heart at bay
Please don't let me wake


"I, Scott Dowdee, give you, Mike Ragsdale, permission to use my poem, 'Dream Girl'."
-Scott Dowdee (Yes I edited this to put this)

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