My cousin Abbey

Rachel and I were sitting on the #61 heading to that camping store in Hampton when trouble boarded at Little Creek & Galveston - with a package I might add. My sister launched into Protection Mode. Rachel grabbed me tightly and clutched tightly knowing that there'd be a 10-1 on the bus if my sis didn't react.

Rachel was holding me very tightly as she watched Delores paid her fare. "I saw her put 3 bills in the box. I don't think she's using that fake Half-Fare card. We'll try our best to pretend we don't know either of them. If something happens, you know TWT radio code," Rachel whispered.

I glanced up for a moment and noticed the situation. I immediately clutched my little sister and cried in her arms.

Rachel started: "I understand you're upset about it. Remember this: she caused you nothing but Hell. She kept you from talking to me or Jess! She got jealous when she saw the picture of you hugging Abbey! All she cared about was having someone to control!"

Of course, Rachel attracted unwanted attention even though she wasn't that loud (she was in normal voice). This is what I was hoping to avoid. Luckily for us, the ride from hell was going to be quite short.

The bus turned the corner onto Tausig Blvd when The Navigator called, "STOP REQUESTED!" I breathed a sigh of relief when they got off of the bus at the Groceries+ in Wards Corner. By now, I was sobbing up a storm as my sister tried to comfort me.

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