About Rachel

Major Update

A major rework is coming soon. If you bookmarked specific chapters, they may no longer work soon. There is no time table for an update.

About Rachel's Story

Rachel's Story is a work of fiction that I started writing when I got bored one day. To be honest, I enjoy writing it.

About this Site

I've posted my story on Wikidot because, as a Wiki, it's much easier to manage everything. I currently host my photos on Flickr. To gain access to them, simply head to Flickr or click Story Photos (on Flickr).

About your Author

My name is Michael and I am student

Products used

While offline, I proudly use Notepad++ (portable edition - PortableApps.com) to edit my text. If I need to spell-check, then I use OpenOffice.org 2.2.1 Portable Edition. Thanks to my thumb drive, I'm not shackled to M$ Office even on school computers!

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