Christmas Time

It was that wonderful time of the year. The four woke up to a wonderful snowfall. It was Christmas Day after all. "Rose. Rose! Wake up! Presents!" Her cousin, Daniel, couldn't help it. It was 7:30 in the morning and he went around waking up his sister and both of his cousins. He was quite excited, more than anything.

Rose was groggy, "I'm up, I'm up," she moaned. She figured her cousin would wake her up first. He helped to get her dressed and into her wheelchair. They headed out and he went for his sister, but she already up.

"Morning sleepy heads," Rachel said, "I've been up for a short bit waiting for you two."

Rose yawned. She was a bit sleepy, but perked up quickly when she saw the presents in the corner. Daniel hugged both girls quite happily and had Rose sit in his lap as we tore through the wrapping paper. There was also a TV fully set up with a DVD/VCR player and it even had the close captioning turned on. "Merry Christmas Rose! Merry Christmas Daniel!" Rachel was quite happy.

They replied Merry Christmas as the three watch the snowfall. Daniel had an idea: "Rachel? Snowball fight?"

"Maybe later. It's supposed to snow all day," Rachel replied. The three lied there on the floor quite happily and decided to try out their new TV.

The news was on. A major blizzard was on its way and was bearing on the west highlands (the Ginny and Ermengarde areas) and should be in our area within the hour. "Maybe the snowball fight shouldn't happen. That blizzard looks harsh," Rose said.

Daniel nodded, "Yeah. My goodness, look at that image of West Ginny High!" The TV was showing the blizzard coming down and causing a white out in West Ginny. The storm was causing mayhem in most of the valley and was on their doorstep.

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