Rose's First Train Ride

Rachel: 14; Daniel: 12; Rose: 10

Today was an exciting day. Rose was sitting in her wheelchair all giddy as her favorite cousin Daniel was pushing her along from the bus to the train station. Her sister Rose as well as her other cousin Rachel II were with her in one train compartment. Although the four were quite happy to be together on the train, it was nasty outside. The rain was coming down quite hard.

"Rose, did you want something to eat," Daniel asked. The dinner cart was coming around. Daniel, Rose's older cousin, always helped her since she had major leg problems and some difficulty with her hands.

"What do they have," Rose asked.

He answered, "Smells like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Want one?"

Rose answered, "Yes, please."

The three students gladly had what was a wonderful dinner. Rachel said, "The brownie is the best part."

"Figures," said Rose. She knew her cousin quite well. Rachel always enjoyed her sweets. After their dinner, Rachel and Daniel played a wonderful game of chess. Rachel won, but Daniel put up a bit of a fight.

Soon, it was time to catch some sleep. The ride to Diagon from Newport News was an overnight affair and the train was schedled to arrive at Pewit Train Station the next morning at 10 AM.

The train pulled into Pewit Station. It was 10 AM or so. Rachel said, "I always take the bus to the school. The 7 runs from the station to the school and the next one is here is at 10:30. It is quite popular. As students, the ride is free. They understand the first week when you don't have your student ID." She helped her brother and her cousin collect their things and headed right for the bus stop.

Daniel asked his sister, "Is there anything to eat?"

Rachel answered, "The bus drops us off at the school just in time for lunch. We'll eat when we arrive. Put your things here. The school carries them and puts them in our rooms."

Rachel was pushing her cousin Rose who was sitting in her wheelchair over to the bus stop as her brother walked alongside of her. They waited at the bus stop and they were glad they hurried. As usual, the line for the bus was long and there were four buses waiting. "This is the city bus?" Rose was perplexed.

Rachel answered, "Yep. They know to bring several buses for the 10:30 trip, just for us out of the train station. Some students get rides from the school and some get rides from parents. I've been taking the bus since my second year since it's much easier. I've been keeping bus schedule books since my first year. I learned how to use the bus since a few weeks in."

They boarded the bus and the driver said, "Let me get the lift going."

Rachel replied, "I know." The driver quickly lifted Rose using the bus's wheelchair lift and the three of them had a seat. As usual, according to Rachel, there was nothing but standing room. Rachel told her brother, "Sit in my lap. This allows as many seats as possible."

As the bus pulled off, the driver made an announcement: "All La Fiesta students, your bus rides are free. You will be given bus schedule books when you arrive. First Years, you will get your school IDs on Monday. Starting on Tuesday, you will need to show your ID to ride free or else the fare is $1."

About an hour later, the bus arrived at the school. Rachel said, "Rose, you're being put in the dorm with Daniel and I. It is four rooms joined into a common room. The whole thing is called a Quad. Two bedrooms on one side of the common room and two bedrooms on the other side. One bathroom on each side. One side houses Daniel and the computer room for us and the other side is where I sleep. The fourth bedroom, on my side, is empty. This is where you'll be."

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