Epilogue: Train Station

Ginny looked at me, “Our daughter really has your eyes.” This was an exciting, yet upsetting, time for everyone. My wife, daughter, son, as well as my sister Rachel and her daughter were meeting at the train station together.

I noticed a familiar face in the distance. “Rachel,” I called out. My little sis and her children got off of the #107 bus. She ran over to me and hugged me tightly. She was extremely happy to be at my side again.

Rachel and her daughter Rose were excited. Daniel and Rachel II were going to the boarding school and this was going to be our last bit together until the end of the school year. As usual, Rachel was pushing Rose in her wheelchair.

Rose, my sister's daughter, and Daniel, my son, hugged each other so tightly that I was surprised they didn't suffocate each other. Rachel commented to me, “Those two have always been this close?”

I answered, “Yeah. Whenever Rose is at my place, they are always playing together.” Ginny was standing there hugging her nephew quite happily as she started tearing up.

Turning to me, my wife said, “I never knew how tough it will be to be saying goodbye to our kids.”

Ginny hugged me saying, “I feel the same way.” As the train pulled off, I was hugging my wife and my sister. They waved as the train pulled off…

Family Tree

This is 15 years after the events of London Calling and by now, Ginny and I are happily married with two children (Rachel II, age 12, and Daniel, age 10). My favorite sister, Rachel has a daughter (Rose, age 8). Her husband, Chris, abandoned her and is currently on the run from Social Services. Rachel and her daughter happily live with Ginny, myself, and our children.

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